1. Corrosion of iron pot holding liquid aluminium.

2. FEM analysis of impact of a sphere on a plate.

3. Structural analysis of cantilever beam and simply supported beam using PDE (Mathematical modeling)

4. Joule heating effect in PCB

5. FEM analysis of Rolling friction 

6. Numerical Analysis of Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Combustion Chamber

7. Numerical Analysis of Copper Heat Sink with Different Micro Pin Fins

8. FEM analysis of disc brake

9. Numerical analysis of leaf spring

10. FEM analysis of connecting rod with different loading conditions

11. Thermal analysis of diesel engine 

12. Thermal analysis of simply supported beam using heat equation (Mathematical modeling)

13. FEM analysis of axial flow turbocharger

14. Thermal stress analysis of a turbine stator blade

15. FEM analysis of flywheel in petrol engine

16. FEM analysis of single adhesive lap joint (SALJ)

17. FEM analysis of tensile test of composite 

18. Buckling analysis of concrete columns

19. Numerical analysis of air cooled and oil cooled heat exchanger

20. Thermal analysis of cross flow heat exchanger

21. CFD analysis of double pipe parallel flow heat exchanger

22. Numerical analysis of stepped shaft 

23. Thermoelasticity applied to stress concentration

24. FEM analysis of pratt truss

25. Analysis of carburetors

26. FEM analysis of truck chassis 

27. FEM and CFD analysis of IC engines

28. Design and analysis of cotter joint between piston rod and crosshead

29. Design and analysis of knuckle joint in valve mechanism of a reciprocating engine

30. Design and analysis of lever loaded safety valve on the boiler

31. Residual stress analysis in extrusion of mild steel bar

32. Design and analysis of a double threaded power screw

33. Design and analysis of a screw jack

34. Design and analysis of a flange coupling

35. Thermal analysis of a centrifugal clutch

36. Friction analysis of internal expanding brake

37. Design and analysis of V-belt 

38. Design and analysis of cast iron pulley

39. FEM analysis of chain drive