1. Mixed Convection and Heat Transfer in a “T” Form Cavity

2. Thin Film Heater

3. Simulation and prediction of wear using FEA

4. Numerical Simulation of Galvanic Corrosion between Carbon Steel and Low Alloy Steel in a Bolted Joint

5. FEM Analysis of Thermal Fatigue in Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC)

6. Corrosion Simulation of Additive Manufactured Ti alloys

7. Modeling of Residual Stresses in a Butt-welded Joint with Experimental Validation

8. Simulation of laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing process

9. Energy harvesting through piezoelectric phenomenon

10. Thermo-mechanical modeling of laser beam welding of Titanium

11. Wear analysis in disc brakes

12. Electro-elasticity applied to sensors/actuators

13. Multiphysics in integrated circuits

14. Cathodic protection of buried pipelines

15. Simulation of role of powder bed thickness and deposition direction on the corrosion behavior of selective laser melted (SLM) Ti-6Al-4V alloy

16. Studies on effect of process parameters on mechanical properties of CMT welded Al Steel joint

17. Formability Studies of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Using Laser forming Technique

18. Heat Transfer Enhancement From Heated blocks under Laminar Natural convection in a horizontal channel

19. Simulation of fluid flow in five way manifold valves

20. Simulation of tribo-corrosion of stainless steel in different environment

21. Prediction of Temperature and Thermal Stress in Plasma Sprayed Coatings

22. Thermal analysis of friction stir welding

23. Thermal analysis of electron beam sintering (EBS)

24. Dynamic crack propogation in composites

25. Vibration analysis of rotating machines

26. Crevice corrosion of aluminum 

27. Modeling of Galvanic Interactions between AA5083 and mild steel under Atmospheric Condition

28. Numerical Modeling of Pit Growth in Microstructure

29. Fretting Wear and Fatigue Analysis of a Modular Implant for Total Hip Replacement

30. Laser welding of a Ti-6Al-4V feed through

31. Creep simulation of Mg alloys

32. Simulation of Impact Damage in a Composite Plate and Its Detection