Latest Mechanical Engineering Projects

1. Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters | Electro-elasticity applied to sensors/ actuators

The coupling of linear elastic deformation with electric potential finds numerous applications such as accelerometers, automobile sensors, disk drive components and medical imaging, amongothers. The materials that display this phenomenon are called as Piezoelectric materials and the phenomenon itself is termed as the Piezoelectric effect.

Objective of project-

The objective of the project will be to model the direct Piezoelectric effect, i.e., to model the generation of a potential when a Piezoelectric material is deformed.


2. Joule heating effect | Multiphysics applied in Integrated Circuits

Joule heating effect is the process in which the electric current passing through a conductor generates heat in the conductor. The heat generated during the flow of electric current raises the temperature of the conductor and consequently increases the electrical resistance of the conductor.

Objective of the project -

The objective of the project is to quantify the temperature variation (and, if applicable,characterize the stress state) due to flow of electricity in an electrical conductor.

3. Thermoelasticity effect | Thermoelasticity applied to stress concentrations

The objective of the project is to quantify stress concentrations and characterize the stress state in a notched component subject to external loads/ stresses and temperature variations.