1. Numerical modeling : Thermal conductivity testing of energy piles.

2. Electroplating of copper on cobalt.

3. Numerical analysis of natural and mixed convection heat transfer in "T" cavity

4. Energy harvesting through triboelectric phenomenon.

5. A complete model of keyhole and melt pool dynamics to analyze instabilities and collapse during laser welding.

6. Small Scale Yielding Model for Fracture Mechanics.

7. FEM analysis of residual stress in lap joint

8. Impressed current cathodic protection analysis of ground storage tanks

9. Galvanic corrosion protection analysis of marine piles

10. Simulation of selective laser melted (SLM) additive manufacturing process

11. Simulation of fused deposition modeling (FDM) process 

12. Simulation of piezoelectric transformers

13. 2D magneto-structural analysis of magnetic pulse welding

14. Laser assisted bonding (LADB) thermal modeling

15. Electronic Thermal Control using Heat Sink for Chip Cooling under Forced Convection

16. Characterization of Flow regimes in T-Junction Microfluidic Devices

17. FEM analysis of thermal fatigue in thermal barrier coatings (TBC)

18. Stress Corrosion Cracking/Fatigue Modeling for Light Water Reactor Cooling System Components

19. Modelling of inter- and transgranular stress corrosion crack propagation in polycrystalline material

20. Hot Cracking in Nb-Si Alloys

21. Mechanical Behaviour of TiAl Spherical Particles Including Friction Effect